Foreclosure is a legal term applied to any of the various methods of enforcing payment of the debt secured by a mortgage, or deed of trust, by taking and selling the mortgaged property, and depriving the mortgagor of possession. In Florida, foreclosures must go through the judicial court system. Individuals have the right to object to the foreclosure in front of a judge. Thus, it is important to have an attorney you trust representing you.

Lisa I. Glassman, P.A. provides quality and dependable commercial and residential foreclosure defense. At Lisa I. Glassman, P.A., we know that foreclosure can be an extremely difficult process emotionally, physically, and monetarily. It is not just a home or a business. It is your life savings, comfort, and security. Let us provide you with a peace of mind during a stressful time. Lisa Glassman, P.A. is a seasoned professional and will provide you with comprehensive services to ensure you receive the best defense possible. You worked hard for your home or business, let Lisa I. Glassman, P.A help protect you.

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